F-22 Spazzing Out

Hey there! By the title, you may not exactly think this is the most detailed issue report. However, by the videos I have here, you’ll see what my issue is :

Note : The issue can only be seen on the highest resolution (1080p60).
I uploaded these videos to YouTube so then anyone with the link can view them.
This issue really isn’t the biggest, I just thought it should be known. I haven’t seen anything like this before and it certainly hasn’t happened to me before.

I think this happens to everyone. If you go over 1200 to 1300 knots it will do this.

Even the screen and the HUD glitching out?

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Yeah, the plane itself is shaking so it’ll move the HUD and screen

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Maybe the SR71 was capable of flying at an IAS of 1500kts+. But I doubt the F22 is able to do so. Take the F22 up to FL410 and fly across the ground at 1900kts groundspeed and you won’t spaz out. You’re simply going too quick at such a low altitude. 🙂


Okay, thank you! :)

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This happens when you fly really fast close to the ground. If you go fast at higher altitude you shouldn’t have any issues, apart from fuel of course.

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