F-22 Raptor Tips

Hello everyone!

Looking to fly a fast jet (F-22) for the first time today. Is there anything I should know before I take this beast for a spin?


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One thing that I learned with the F22 is that trim is important for me. Sometimes you can’t control the climb or descent of that aircraft but I found that trim makes it easier

Check out this topic for more: Flight Tips for the F-22 Raptor?

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Use your trim, use 60% throttle on takeoff, and use flap’s 5 as a speedbrake. Enjoy!


Thank you! What trim setting would you recommend?

I’ve included major tips for flying in my post above. Have a look! 😉

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When cruising use 0% trim or the autopilot will struggle. Use between 50-60% trim on landing. 30% on takeoff.


Where are you flying I’ll join up…!

Departing RAF Lossiemouth then gonna do some basic handling above the North Sea. On the training server.

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Ok I’ll head that way…

Callsign Razor 191

I sent you a DM so we won’t get flagged…! 😇

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