F-22 Raptor High Airspeed Bug

Once I hit up to 1300 knots airspeed in the F-22, it starts shaking back and forth until it eventually goes into a uncontrolled spin. Also if I try to turn sharp while doing 600+ it just loses control. Does this happen to anyone else or juet me?

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This happens to like everyone, but may I ask why you are flying at 1300knots airspeed. if you wanna travel in excess of Mach 2.5 I suggest going to Fl200…

This has happened to me as well. Because you are at a low altitude, the thick air causes drag, which shakes the aircraft. Increase your altitude greatly, and proceed.

Lol I just wanted to see when it would top out.

You’re flying the F22 too low. Fly higher if you’re going to go that fast.

DeerCrusher’s Investigation Report Findings: Pilot error/pilot flying too fast too low for the aircraft in question.