F-22 Raptor bug?

Hi, i have recently started flying the F-22 in IF, and I’ve noticed when I’m flying it after a little bit the nose starts to pull up regardless of it I’m flying at a high or low altitude, it does it more if I’m flying it at high-ish speeds. It keeps doing that until its done a completely backflip in the air and then nose dives. I don’t know if this is a bug or if I’m flying it wrong. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Have you tried calibrating your device?

I have, but oddly it doesn’t seem to work. Do you think it could be I’m flying it too fast?

You are probably flying too fast, this can also happen with the F/A-18.

F-22 is also an old plane which could be a problem since the physic is not up to date


✨aerodynamics✨ ✨physics✨ ✨air resistance✨

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This is 100% normal.
it normally happens at higher speeds, because The pressure difference of the airfoil is greater.

All it takes to fix is some trim, and you should be good.
Calibrating is overkill, but you can if you want.

I recommend:
45% trim takeoff
60% trim landing

-20% trim over M0.80
-40% trim over M1.00
-100% trim over M2.00

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Another way is to fly upside down at high speeds, it will cancel most of the lift factor out, and will actually feel more comfortable. But is way harder to fly.

Its odd but works with the F22 😂

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