F-22 Question

Is the F-22 still being produced?

I dont think so. Also this belongs in #real-world-aviation

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Copy that, @Dylan_M

No it’s not, it was developed into the F-35 which shares similar technologies but it’s a better overall aircraft.


It is still being used though… right?

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It’s still being used

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Yes that is correct but only in the US as it was banned for export.

it will never be shipped to other countries but america cause it is american plus it’s our secret weapon

It’s classified. As for it being your secret weapon I highly doubt it. I’m sure your reliance on the F-35 will be the main cause for it being your primary air defence. There is a reason they didn’t make many F22’s/

I know just a joke

The F-22 wasn’t developed into the F-35, but rather the F-35 was built as a multirole fighter, being able to hit ground targets as well as air-to-air. The F-35A supposedly can replace the F-15Cs, and even the Es, but not the F-22.

Lockheed themselves admit the F-22 is still the best air superiority fighter out there, with good reason!

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The Raptor and Lightning are meant to work as a deadly duo. Together they may as well be as close to unstoppable as can be.

Yes that is correct however the F35 was pretty much derived from it for as you said Muti roles. and as you know there aren’t many F22’s in comparison.

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