F-22 Over Asia

Just a fun F-22 flight over Turkmenistan, Asia as well as air refueling over Kabul with a KC-10 Extender.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
Area: Turkmenistan and Afghanistan
Server: Casual Server

View from 60k feet

Lining up for refueling.

View from the boom.

Breaking off after a quick refueling

Breaking off from another angle Ghost pilot

Hope you enjoyed!


Awesome can you teach me how to aerial refuel please

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To be honest, this was my first time doing aerial refueling. You just have to be in the vicinity of the boom to refuel. Check this out in your free time!

Ok how do you not bounce side to side because every time I try to refuel that happens

I used trimming to keep my nose from pitching and just kept a steady hand to keep my aircraft from swaying. And of course, practice makes perfect!