F-22 or F-14


Which fighter should I get? The F-14 with the sweep wing and multiple liveries? Or the cheaper sleeker looking F-22? Leave your comment below why I should choose one over the other…

  • F-22
  • F-14

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F-22 flies better, looks better and just feels better when you fly it. The only problem is, it doesn’t have reverse thrust.

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Does it have it irl?

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Just get the one you like the most… I’m tired of all these “which one should I get” and “which is the best plane” :(


But that’s the thing I like them both equally.

The f-14 and f-16 are better than the f-22 imo. Although the 22 is faster, the 14 and 16 fly better and are easier to control


@Matt_Elphick Thanks!

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Go for f14 it has spoilers help to reduce speed F22 doesn’t have one … I like flying f14

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The F-22 feels smoother when i fly with it. That’s why i prefer it. I totally recommended it

Ok, I might buy the 22 then…

But the F-14 is still a great aircraft ! :D

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F22 is great, might take ages to slow but its the fav of my fighters

It also has the directional thrust-exhaust

What is directional thrust?

When you tilt your device to any direction (like up + right) the thrusters move in that particular direction. Pretty cool

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hey man,
as you know I fly both a lot. The F22 needs a lot of training in order to control it in every situation possible. What the F22 can do, can be checked out here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrvXk2Jb7-WR_UM3CcJT3kw
As you can see, this aircraft is limitless, only the skill of the pilot decides whether you can fly it or not. The F22 isnt that kind of “full thrust and fly” aircraft.

On the other side the F14, very stable, very forgiving, easy to land and takeoff. A complete different aircraft flying wise, also much smoother.
In the end you have to make your pick yourself, but the characters of these aircraft are extremely different.

By the way, there is no directional thrust. Its called thrust vectoring, which ensures the maneuverability in stall maneuvers and extremely tight turns.
Hope this helps for your decision. If not DM me


F-14 fly’s way better

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I like the F22 better because it has there are a lot of things you can do with it which the F14 can’t

*flies.[quote=“Rodney_Buckland, post:16, topic:96287, full:true”]
F-14 fly’s way better

True though, I prefer the F14. Flies very nicely and is easy to control. F22 does take time to get used to.

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The F-14 can remain stable at Mach II below 5000AGL, the F-22 which is designed IRL to be that fast, just goes crazy, spinning twitching diving etc.

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F14 flies better and easy to control but the F22 is marvelous once you get used to it

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