F-22 landings

How about some F-22 landing videos?? Anyone can throttle up and roll around in the air but let’s see the landings!

Good idea, why don’t you create an event in Live?

Tell me when and where, and will show you how to land the F22 ;)

Now, anywhere :)

We could take off do a pattern and land in turn.

Just spawned in KASE (aspen Colorado ) on the advanced server if anybody up for a few f22 landings :)

My call sign is Air Force 750

This was a really nice flash event :)
And thanks to the advanced controller who dealt with traffic in an awesome manner, even when wind direction forced us all to change the pattern in mid air.

PS: Jared Hodge was controlling

Dang I wish I saw this earlier… I would’ve showed off my F-22 landing skills :)

Good amount of XP! :)image

First touch and go: very smooth.
Second touch and go: smooth but I slided to the right.
Third landing: good but not the smoothest.

Thanks to the controller!