F-22 landing issue

Hi,I’m using Samsung Galaxy S7 and I have a problem,expecially for F-22.When I try to line with centerline and flare before I land,itrolls from side to side too much then usual.There was no problem like this when I was using other device like Galaxy S5 or iphone,so I wonder what is the exact cause of this problem.I’m feeling stressful because I can’t make perfect landing.*Even there are no winds or turbulence,it shakes too.Help me!


What version of IF are you using?

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Hi, I am using the s7 edge and I experience the same issues as you, even with the Cessna 172.
I also have this issue during takeoff.

But I don’t think that it is a calibrating issue.

16.06.1 maybe latest version?

So the problem is the gyroscope in S7?Then how can I solve it?

The F22 is like that, try to go slower in speeds as the F22 is quite light…

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The F-22 doesn’t have weight(for now)

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Hi and welcome to the community, I used to have IF on my HTC A9 and I was experiencing the same issue as you, below are the steps I took

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Display and Gestures
  3. Click on G-Sensor Calibration
  4. Your phone will give you instructions on what to do next
  5. Play IF :-)

Again welcome to the community; it’s a pleasure to have you here :-)

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