F-22 is the new space shuttle

Earth to N/A

You see that blue dot, that is earth


Hey there! Great shots!

Please follow the #screenshots-and-videos guidelines as HUD cannot be shown in your shots. Alternatively, use the replay mode feature to take them. More info below.

Also, just dont get put on Interpol’s missing persons list

Edit: Much better, always wanted to meet ET.

AGL and MSL would be nice value in the bottom bar…

If he alctually showed the altitude in the info bar then this probably would be an exception tbh, but definitely not RN.

Ok @Tsumia
Look again :)

Looks good now. Let us know of any aliens 🙃

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Yeah let us actually prepare for something in 2020😂

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Looks more like the curiosity or voyageur ship to me, no way the shuttle would dare escape our world like that

Oh boy…what was your altitude?

I thought my 30 million feet was high lol.

How’d you even do this, I can never figure out how to properly do this.

How far does the outer space stretch in Infinite Flight?

Is it that realistic that it keeps on expanding at an increasing rate and faster than the speed of light?

I mean… that would be the best level of detail any sim could possibly offer… ever… no matter how unnecessary it would be 🤓

that is some commitment

The people flying at 32,000 looking at this guy on their HUD map 😂


I tried this last night. I only got to 7 mil feet

"only seven million’’ lol


Well, when you put it like that it sounds like a bit more…

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it was like 1,000,000,000 for something crazy like that

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It flew higher than space shuttle ever did. 🤣

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