F-22 glitched take off/ unrestricted climb issues


This seemed like a good place to put this! So I’ve been trying my best to take off in an F-22 with out crashing and I’m successful about 50% of the time. the other 50% I find my self plowing into the ground before you could say ‘mayday’. I’ve checked calibration, flaps, all that fun stuff, but i still cant get it right. I’ve tried 100% thrust (bad idea), I’ve tried 50 and used up about 3/4 of the KPSP 13R runway. 60% seems to glitch the least. Any ideas? Or should this be put in bugs?

Anyways, the second issue is when it comes to attempting unrestricted (vertical) climbs. I’ll usually start out at about FL 100 and climb to roughly FL 200-400. As I slow the rate and angle of ascent, the plane goes into a tail spin and dives until about FL 40 if I’m lucky. Again, I’ve checked all flight parameters and they’re not the issue. I’ve done the same thing in the F/A-18 and it works like a charm. Has this got to do with the vectored thrust? Or am I just committing user error? Thanks for the help!


Its probably because theres to much thrust and theres no computer systems like in real life so it in IF the fighter aircraft wont stay stable because 1 little tiny movement can send it spinning out of control but what i tried is takeoff with no flaps (which is unrealistic) at full power and lifted off at 160 kts and it was a little more stable. But if they add auto pilot it might be easier to keep stable


I believe what your witnessing is the tendency of this fly by wire birds unconventional aerodynamic characteristic. The 22 like the 14 with folded wings tend to go ballistic in high energy dynamic direction changes or clime rates above 15%. The 22 is still a hanger queen, a test bed really. It will evolve along with pilotless fighters which is on the horizon. Will Drone XWing be
next ? Fly the 22 gently, it’s not really an airplane in the true sense of the word.
That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Mad Max Sends
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Thanks! I’ll try that out and see how it goes.


@Maxmustang F-35. PLEASE. And the B-52, C-5, and B-2. But now this is a features comment. Oops. Haha the new name works! I like it. Thanks for the quick response guys!


The F22 has a rather unusual flight characteristics due in large part to its wings shape. The engines with thrust vectoring are crazy powerful. Also the fly by wire system in the real F22 is extremely complex and controlled by powerful (not too mention very expensive) computers. Our F22 flight characteristics is reasonably realistic, but also a little approximate so it can be used on our mobile devices.
Anyway…Its not hard to overpower the aircraft and lose control. I’m not sure what the problem is with the climbing part?

Here is how I take off in the F 22 and F-16 to make up for the missing multi million dollar fly by wire computer that would otherwise do the work for me.

Before even applying thrust, and with zero flaps (you won’t need them), pull back on the “stick” just as though you would when about to rotate. This relieves nose wheel pressure and helps stabilize the acceleration down runway.
Apply about %70-80 thrust.
Keep a thumb on the rudder to make very (VERY) gentle corrections as needed.
Practice this until you get more comfortable and find the technique that works best for you. You should be able to have more stable take offs.

For landings…a trick I use to avoid flopping over after touch down is, I have the brake already applied before touch down. I keep nose wheel pressure as light as possible until the aircraft slows to around taxi speed. This works with both the F22 and F16. It’s not exactly a realistic practice, but it does the job.

Good luck


Thanks so much! This should really help me out! Maybe the climbing issue is just my iPad acting old. I’m not sure.