F-22 glitch?

Hey guys, everytime during my flight, my F-22 begins to glitch out and then begins to spin. Sometime it might do a barrel roll then crash to the ground. What is going on? They should fix this.

How fast are you going? This happens to me when I achieve a decently fast speed.

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No, it happens when I begin to get the pitch high. Then a stall, then it begins to spin :(

Alright lemme try it out on my own.


Also speed are you rotating at?

Did you calibrate correctly before the flight?


Could it be that you go into a flat spin and are unable to recover?


One I have realized, is if you lose slight control of your F22 it will indeed spin crazily out of control. I have tested this on my one and right after a normal takeoff with a high nose pitch I do not lose control. If you try to do a turn, sometimes the F22 would go into a barrel role.

I was unable to recover and when I try to, it give me a stall then bang! Airplane crash to the ground :(

It seems to me that you are getting put into a flat spin, I will link a video down below explaining what it is.

Edit: didn’t find a video but here is a good explanation


It also happens with F-14, F-16, and A-10 as they begin to stall and spin if the angle of attack is too high

That’s kind of expected when you pull up and stall the aircraft. It’s going to spin and loose control. I’m sure either @Nate_Schneller and/or @David_Beckett would love to help you with your F-22 skills.

I think it may have spin out of controller like a helicopter do

Yes it does (for me at least)

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You have to understand these aircraft are not rockets, not many aircraft in the world can fly straight up without eventually stalling. The simple way to correct this is to not have a low enough air speed that you will stall. You can do that by reducing your angle of attack to gain speed.

Here are my details of the flight that occur:
Date: August 12 2018,
1:20: Clear IFR to Phoenix
1:20: Pushback
1:25: Takeoff from Los Angeles
1:26: Contact Los Angeles Departure
1:32: Resume own navigation
1:35: Los Angeles Departure went offline
1:40: My aircraft got intercepted by an F-14 when it was intercepting a 787
1:55: landed in an unknown airport for a refuel
2:00: Takeoff from an airport where I refuel
2:10: Aircraft went out of range of Departure
2:15: My aircraft begins to hear a stall sound
2:16: My aircraft begins to spin out of controller
2:16: Stall sound again
2:17: My aircraft crash near Area 51

That’s what happened

You are stalling for some reason, can you get a video of this happening?


I didn’t get a video of it

And the air traffic controller saw me that I was spinning crazy out of controller

IMHO…those of us who learned to fly all the fighters and esp the F-22 before the AP was added to the fighter contingent have a distinct advantage in that we have learned how to control the throttle and AOA almost simultaneously so it is much easier to get a stable climb without stalling because you have trained yourself to constantly monitor all the aviating interactions, so you might try flying it totally manually and only use the AP for extended cruising distances between airports of at least 500 miles since at Mach 1.0 or higher your transit is much quicker than with any airliner, and see if your piloting is the issue and not a glitch in the sim which l think is more likely, and finally remember that you only need at takeoff about 50 to 75% throttle to achieve an initial smooth climb at around 130 to 150 kts


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