F-22 Glitch

In the F22 after I reach 1700 knots, the plane shakes violently and falls through the ground. Does this only happen to me or is it for everyone?

I have restarted and reinstalled

First off, why are you going that fast?

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What altitude are you at? You really need to be high up in order to go that fast. Otherwise it will shake violently and possibly crash.

I fly the F-22 all of the time and never encountered this. Although I don’t do Mach Schnell below 10,000 feet or around busy airspace either.

It appears that you’ve fallen through the terrain which could be resolved by the clear cache feature or by closing all background apps and starting a flight after a fresh device restart.


I cleared my cache yesterday, and this always happens when i go really fast. (btw I was on solo)

I don’t fly on Solo but I always restart my device before flights.

Maybe the scenery didn’t load or your positioning went awry because of a weak internet connection.

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and my plane shakes very violently, too. How do I fix that?

Not going at the speed of a madman

sometimes it is fun to have fun in an F-22

If you have the autopilot armed then you are probably traveling at too fast of a speed and the winds may be influencing the aircraft. You could adjust your trim and fly it manually.


I was flying it manually. (I rarely use autopilot for the fighters)

1700 knots is like 1600ish Mph so that’s still over the limit. I doubt the physics has problems

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yeah, but this is Infinite Flight not real life

Well I can answer you that no this is not a glitch, the plane might be outdated but the physics should be right. You fix it by not flying over the limit

The max speed for an F22 translates to around 1300kts, meaning you are exceeding the limit by A LOT when flying at 1700kts. Just don’t do it

Mods you can close this, but I still do not have a solution

The solution was marked. Slow down, restart your device, have a stable internet connection and keep as much RAM free as possible.