F-22 Formation flight Training

This is my AFT-1 For the USGAF. I was with Larson AKA (WOLF001).
We took took off from runway 3L KLVS (Nellis AFB) And made left traffic patterns. We did formation takeoffs, flying, and landings.


At Raptor Flight 34/5 getting instructions on what we are about to do.

Taxing out to 3L

On the Runway starting up Engine 2.

On downwind for 3L did 5 patterns in total.
On final and for a full stop

Thanks For looking at my photos. Tell me you liked best.


Those are some awesome photos!

My favourite is the third one! Keep it up!

thank you. Yeah mine too!

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Formation flights are always fun, I had fun doing mine.
My formation flight
Those are amazing pics!

Nice pictures! gotta love the F-22!

Simultaneous take offs 👌