F-22 Escort, flight of 3, on Air Force One

Background • I happened to stumble upon 2 F-22’s while at KLAX and Air Force One had just taken off about 3 minutes ago, heading for KLAS. I didn’t know the people in the other Raptor’s, but I could tell we all wanted some night escort action. We all lined up back-to-back and took of. We escorted Air Force One for about 45 minutes, until unfortunately the guy flying made a left hand turn while descending into KLAS; and didn’t realize the mountain right below him. Me and Nasa 747 (callsign) decided to continue approach at KLAS while the other Raptor (Rouges 506) broke off from formation.
While I was sad to see Air Force One go, I had a lot of fun and took a ton of pictures! I want to thank the other 2 jets for being in formation with us.

Info • Training Server, Saturday 30th of January, 2021
KLAX to KLAS, about 1 hour of flight time
Escort Jets: Rouges 506, Nasa 747 and Eagle 71 (all F-22’s)

Waiting for takeoff clearance at runway 25R.

Formation takeoff with Nasa 747.

Closing in on Air Force One.

Final formation.

Descending towarda KLAS

Landing at KLAS with Nasa 747.


Looking good looking good.

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Cool photos. Would of been better if they were taken in daylight so we could see ot better!


Great shots! I love the different perspectives you used

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Formation flights are always a blast! Great photos!

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