F-22 can't brake

I have noticed that the F-22 can stop for its life and I think that the braking should be tuned.

This isn’t really a bug, more of a complaint.

Ok will change

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F-22 Is a super Jet, it basically just “can’t stop”.

The brakes on it are to the turning, if they were to a B737-800’s tuning it would ruin the aircraft.

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So are the brakes underpowered or he’s just landing too fast and etc.?

My guess a little too fast, there not meant to immediately stop, ha ha

Brakes are working fine approach speed 140KIAS touch down at 110KIAS and stopped in ~2500ft

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Use aerodynamic braking and flare at touchdown. If you gain altitude when flaring, you’re going too fast.

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I was going to make a feature request out of this to see if the braking really needed to be tweaked but I’m in school right now so, can you do me a favor and test this yourself to see what you get?

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I’ll test it, it shouldn’t be to bad But I’ll test it later on.

Ok thank you

I have to agree with AR on this one… Sounds more like an energy management problem rather than a problem with the aircraft.

If you want to fly some patterns in live some time in the next few days, I would be happy to help. Sometimes seeing how it’s done can be useful.