F-22 Bugs

I was flying the F22 just now and noticed tons of bugs on it, ability to crash and continue and even belly without stopping… Anyone else encountering a lot of bugs for the F22?

Physics are not great on it, but nothing else wrong with it. But I only got it yesterday, so haven’t given it much of a spin.

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Please read hope you can get this solved How to make a support request.

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The F22 is perfectly fine. Dont fly it with aggressive maneuvers and turn down the yoke response. A lot of training also will help.


You have to be more careful with the F-22, its a bit buggy but it is fun to fly.

It is one of the older aircraft IF has and because of how secretive the US is with the F-22’s flight capabilities there is limited flight physics data that IF can use. Other fighters are far more accurate, especially retired US fighters because their capabilities are now declassified and no longer need to be kept private.

I’ve technically “crashed” the A-10 in the water and then continued moving like a jet boat. Very strange.

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Same for the F22

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