F-18 plane weapons

What are the gray tube on the side of plane and can the free version get more weapons?

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Does only the pro version have weapons??

The free version gets no more weapons then the payed subscription

I’m not an expert on the F-18, but I believe those are ferry tanks. As for more weapon types, I believe other liveries have a different loadout, so do check them out. However, you will need a subscription to access those liveries.

Those are disposable extra fuel tanks.

I highly doubt it, since each livery has their own weapons configuration.

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Looks like the one getting pushed is a baggage pod since it has a square opening on its side.

You’re right about the weapons configurations. It’s prepared as different 3D model and not able to make arrangement in any way for one paint scheme.

Those are external fuel tanks as the others say. The same as the one under the belly and it can carry 480gal each.
For the jet in your screenshot, fill up “External Tank Left Inboard”, “External Tank Center”, and “External Tank Right Inboard” in addition to the “Internal Fuel Tank” before starting up.

Wondering if the Super Hornet gets 5tanks configuration or not, because there are 2 more tanks already prepared in the Weight & Balance section.

The picture attached is the Super Hornet of VFA-195 in tanker configuration.
To have other load outs, you have to go Pro.

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