F-18 makes rare appearance at Momouth Executive Airport

Hey all! Today I went to Momouth Executive Airport KBLM/BLM to see a F-18 Navy Jet which landed at the airport late Friday night for unknown reasons, it’s speculating that it was for a local mission but it’s not confirmed or denied.

but it was a very fun time got To see and meet the pilot and look around the F-18, not only that I got to see other GA planes around as well but other than that enjoy the photos I got! 🛩

DM me for a vid of a jet taking off if your interested 😉


Awesome! Love these shots, loved spotting the 18’s here at GRR!

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Yea it was the first time I’ve seen one in person so it was really cool, something I’m not gonna forget!

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That’s pretty cool! If been around lots of fighters, but the F-18 is one that I see less often.

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Yep, those military aircraft are always a treat to see around!

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So cool, such a up close experience.


Yea never thought I was gonna get that close to such an aircraft 😅

Wow! I used to live 15 minutes from Monmouth Executive but never saw anything like this. Definitely a very rare and cool occurrence!

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Yea my grandma was telling they rarely come because of that airport being a last resort to land at always unannounced to the civilians so maybe that’s why but idk. But it was extremely cool I’m sure you woulda loved it too!

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