F-18 fuel flow inaccurate calculations

Decided to see about taking the F-18 out for a spin today and noticed that the expected fuel flow for the aircraft is 90,000lbs/hour. The aircraft can only carry about 10,000lbs and the estimated flight endurance is 7 minutes max. Not sure a redownloading would work on this but just throwing it out. Pictures below


As you can see even at idle the fuel flow is over 18,000lbs/hour.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7
OS version: Android 7.0
IF version: 17.12.0
Rooted: No


The FA-18 Is in need of a rework as it is an Older Model, maybe we could receive one in the future.


That is very interesting. So I guess this means the F/18 is literally not flyable until it actually gets reworked.

Has nothing to do with being reworked. Fuel flow was added with global so it is not a matter of outdated model as all the fuel flow numbers have nothing to do with how old the package is.


For those here chasing likes, you’re not a help but more of a hindrance

You need to reinstall, I’ve literally just downloaded the f18 to see this and here is my fuel burn


Same for me

Roger didnt know if it was a faulty package. Will redownload and see if the problem is fixed

Edit Fixed


I wouldn’t mark this a solved just yet. I too am expecting the same issue. Two separate devices and reinstalled IF on both with no joy, also this aircraft has no auto-pilot. According to update all fighters now have auto-pilot.

Love this plane, it does need an overhaul but in the meantime can we make it flyable?

Devices: LG-V20, android 7.0 and Nvidia Shield K1, android 7.0. Screenshots below

No auto pilot visible this on both devices.

Fuel burn 5700 k/hr @ idle? Less than a hour flying time.

That’s fuel burn during flight. Not idle.