F-18 formation

Is anyone interested in a formation flight out of KNLC in California. Spawn as fat Albert 2 flight of as many people wish to join. Please spawn in the next 5 minutes. Spawn in a blue Angels livery on any blue angels aircraft on training server.

Is anyone interested in joining?

Hey! I recommend using the IF Discord Server to create group flights, as the IFC is no longer the place to host group flights.

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Hey, good advice, but this person may be in my situation?

Well then they are not allowed to this here in the IFC no more. Maybe the mods may allow it if I’m completely wrong, but that’s the purpose of removing the group flights category.

That is true, but for the time being they seem to be allowing it as long as it feels event-ish.

That’s true. You can list this as an event an only add the amount of gates you think are reasonable and post!

What is the discord, if I may ask

It’s a free app on mobile where you can join servers and stuff like that. It’s best to just search it up in the App Store or google play store and it tell you all about it.

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Here is a link to join discord if you’re interested

most VA have a discord server when you join there VA where you have fun and talk and discuss anything your heart desires

Sorry, I meant what’s the discord server (link)?

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