F-18 Air Patrol

Today myself and @BongAviation decided to patrol the Russia Alaska border in some F-18s. It was a great 3 hour flight with some not so great weather, here are the photos.


3 hours of flight time
Expert Server

Here are the F-18s we will be flying, the Gunslingers livery is plain but very good on the super hornet

Taxiing out to runway 13 in the early morning sun with myself in the lead

Lined up on runway 13 about to depart into the beautiful sunrise

V1, Rotate, oh wait this isn’t a airliner, do they still use that in a fighter jet?

Climbing up to FL340 with the sunrise lighting up my aircraft

We are both up at cruise now, that’s @BongAviation behind me acting as wingman

Skies are clear so we’re heading home

Landing with separation that would make any IFATC member cringe

Exiting runway 13 ready to taxi to parking after a very rough approach

Finally parked up and happy to be on the ground


Stunning picture! It was a blast doing this flight with you! Hopefully we can try it again in the future :)


Thanks, I’d love to do another flight sometime

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