F-16I Sufa (Israeli F-16)

An F-16I in flight

F-16I Sufa

Hey guys! So this is my second feature request, hope you like it! I’m requesting the F-16I Sufa, the Israeli variant of the F-16. A modified F-16, the Sufa has conformal fuel tanks, leaving more room for weapons and doubling the air-to-Air capability. Unlike most Air Forces, the IAF only operates a two-seat variant. The Sufa has also been fitted with modified, Israeli-built advanced avionics. The Sufa has also been fitted with a more powerful, P&W F100-PW-229 IPE (increased performance engine), as well as heavyweight landing gear. The aircraft has the capability to launch Python 5 missiles. I’m hoping that when the devs do a F-16 rework, the add the Sufa.

Please vote! Thanks for reading!

Very nice request, Now that I think about it, he F-16 does not have any livery options, just the standard US one, I would vote but all my votes lie at airliners and liveries, sorry 😢

Liked it! Very nice! I think the F-16 is a beautiful fighter, and very efficient; and this livery is beautiful too. I have no votes, but you have my support.

The sufa (סופה) Livery is great but unfortunately because of diplomatic reasons I don’t think it’ll get added, I’m supporting it but I have no votes

For your knowledge, the Sufa armement is fully modeled (range - speed - damages) on other mobile simulators

Okay, it’s weird because we both know what most of the world thinks about IDF

Thanks for y’alls support!

This is nice