F-16C Understanding

Can anyone help me. When I fly the F-16 I struggle to understand the correct speed and flaps to land. Any help is appreciated.

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I normally do full flaps around 130-140

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I fly a lot with the F16. I also checked some real life footage and noticed that F16 raises its flaps quite quickly after takeoff.

Could not find much for flaps use during landing. But I did see that, during landing, it’s quite normal for the aircraft to lean back about 10 degrees or even a bit more.

During landing I deploy flaps 10 when speed drops under 180; then down to 20 for speeds under 160. Under 140 kts, flaps 30. I normally land with a landing speed of 135 kts.

This is my experience. Hope this helps.


Hi @azeeuwnl,

nice to here that someone found the same speeds for flaps at landing then I did.
Just as a remark, I normally lift of without flaps.
If the runway is long enough you can land at 170 to 180 knts without flaps, for most runways I did not use 30deg flaps and land there for at around 150 knts.
At very short runways I extend spoilers and compensate with more power, that gives a better agility and a very short stop.

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I make part of the aerobraking team.

Flaps 10 - 170kts - spoiler armed or flight

I reduce throttle only when I hit the ground.

As many have said TD full flaps 135 -140 kts. Trim out the pink line. I do know folks like @Q-ENAN who TD 170 kts with 10 flaps. So you have options to practice and see which method suits your style.
Also on taxi be very careful the F16 will do lots of doughnuts if you are over 15 kts when attempting to turn!

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Standard rotation for takeoff with the F-16C is 12 degrees. At 42,000lbs GW your Vr will be 187 (with AB) or 192 (without AB). At 31,000lbs (no armament, full fuel) your Vr 158 or 163.

In the real aircraft, gear is typically not retracted until around 220kts since the flaps are automatic and raising the gear will also raise the flaps. In IF, not the case. Do what you want.

For a standard 13 degree AOA landing you start with a Vref of 138 (touchdown is Vref -10) and increase it by 4 knots for every 1,000lbs of fuel and armament you have. So if you loaded 3,300lbs of armament and have about 1,700lbs of fuel left, your Vref is 158. I imagine people fly fighters on the light side though.

Speed brakes are open on final to suppress the floating tendency of the aircraft with ground effect and flare.

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