F-16C Royal Netherlands Air Force

Hello there y’all I would like this F16C would be a great edition to the IF military fleet

Credit: Modern military aircraft - F-16C Falcon solo display (Royal Netherlands Air Force)

This idea came from this topic first

and also when I wanted to escort my brother @N492ED and I wanted to make it realistic but I realized we don’t have the fighter jet version of the RNAF

More about the RNAF(Royal Netherlands Air Force)

Looks cool. Don’t forget to vote for your own request!

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Nice livery request. As the F-16 has only one livery option, more liveries should be added once the F-16 has been fully reworked.

Yup Just done

And hopefully we get more people I do understand of everybody’s situation

“Which one should I delete for this one”

Lol thats an F-16A… but nice request!

As me being a Dutch person, I would love to see this aircraft in IF. It also extends the fleet of our fighters.

You definitely got my vote!

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True but you get the point

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:) same, it’s beautiful

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