F-16C partial engaged brakes?

Has anyone else noticed you have to turn the throttle up to at least 31% just to move and when the throttle is rolled back below 30% the aircraft slows to a grinding halt like the brakes are partially on. All of this by the way is when taxiing from parking to the runway.

I don’t know much about the f-16C but it’s a jet and it’s not like it’s one of those giant jet liners so it really makes no sense/:

So yeah it could be a bug

Absolutely spot on @Louis_Cochran! I was just under the impression that 30% is the magic number for the F-16C. Even at cruise, 30% throttle holds altitude with very little trim. Probably not the most realistic physics, but it’s nice that it is consistent and predictable. Idk if it has anything to do with the brakes.

Sorry I meant on the ground before takeoff. The F-22 will easily start rolling at 8% whereas the F-16C needs 30%. Try it.

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Having half the engines shouldn’t cause the aircraft to not roll freely.@Rotate

Yes, I experience the same thing. That is kind of what I meant by the magic number. 30% to taxi, and hold altitude.

It is kind of funny that it takes 30% throttle to taxi a plane that can be pushed around by hand. Ive seen big crew chiefs push them into hangers by themselves. Rare, but the really strong ones could do it.

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It’s funny I went to fly one the other day and was like what it won’t coast? I haven’t had this with any others have you?


No it is definitely unique the IF F-16C. Even at 29% you can’t maintain your taxi speed.

However I like it the way it is. To me it seams like you need more skill to fly the F-16C. Similar to the 717 in the airliner realm. The only thing I would change is the new yellow canopy!

The physics for all of the jet fighters are way off in my opinion, but it is completely understandable. These devs don’t have real world experience with military aircraft. I think they did a great job making assumptions, but I don’t expect perfection when the flight characteristics of these planes are not published or available to the general public.

Took a pic of the 30% cruise I was talking about… Minor trim and she floats like a butterfly :) Love it, minus the yellow canopy…

Have you flown the F-22? Such fun lol

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I really hate to sound so negative, but my opinion is the F-22 is the easiest plane to fly in IF. All that power to get out of bad situations, and those “speed brake” flaps that slow the plane from Mach 2 to 150kts in seconds… You might as well forget about energy management in that plane. You can recover from anything without any consequences!

I have to admit it is fun to be the fastest plane on the map, and it is an extremely pretty plane (minus the reflective coating). I have a history with real 22s, maybe that is why I am so bitter about their representation in IF.