F-16C flight with a Surprise

Did this with @Halfblood got to thank him for joining me Route flown KSSC-KCHS-KSSC or Shaw AFB - Charleston AFB - Shaw AFB
First shot here is seconds before the takeoff roll!!
Note! I did use around the same time for these to make them look cooler? In my opinion…

Here you see us at the second leg of our journey in Charleston, South Carolina. Very beautiful and city and place.

Another landing pic but we are on the ground this time

A takeoff pic we have VENOM2 turning and VENOM1 just off the ground

What’s a screenshot and topic post without a failed moonshot 😂😂

Now we have a pic of the two F-16C’s doing a break over runway 4L at Shaw with The 757 Air Force style and another viper in the background

Last but most certainly not least we have the three Vipers at the ramp and the 757 blasting into the sky.

Thanks for visiting this topic and feel free to share about the pictures…


The final picture is a huge stare down


Well thank you yep we had a special visitor and I was able to grab this as they head back to D.C. 🙃

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Nice timing

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Thanks!!! Took me a minute to get it but it works

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