F-16 wheel floating over the ground

Hi folks,

Is it just me or the forward wheel is floating over the ground?
I just have this impression because the wheel isn’t touching the shadow.
Thanks for help and for your time


Yea I’ve noticed that too. Thought I was the only one lol

Just noticed it. I have it too.

It’s happened to me before, but I believe it’s only at a few airports that it happens, as I’ve seen it fully on the ground aswell as off the ground.

But this happens on Multiple Aircraft:

good spot, not seen that one before.

However note that the pilot is not in the cockpit yet, when he does the CoG will move forward and the wheel will move down.

I don’t have that problem. It’s most likely happening because of corrupt terrain files.

Try restarting the app. If it doesn’t work, you could also try reinstalling.

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I think the B717 has a similar issue. Probably just the older models.

I think not, otherwise that would happen on all models

I have the same only that with the cessna 172.

I believe when you spawn in as the aircraft somewhat “jumps” when you first start in a F-16, maybe the front wheel doesn’t reach the ground. I am not fully aware of this, but not even I would have noticed, good spot

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