F-16 wallpaper I guess?

North Sea shenanigans with @DpTeqz and @jnbossies, those screenshtots will come in another topic

Colour banding sucks

Flight information

Server: expert
Flight time: 2:00


Nice shot @callaa !!!

Love this one

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This is dope

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WoW it took me like 10 seconds to realize it wasn’t irl and in IF. The graphics keep getting better and better

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Is that me

Is there like a place where I could download Infinite Flight Wallpapers?

No, because you suck at flying <3

Not sure, I just wanted to make some vertical IF pictures, feel free to use this as a wallpaper though

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sup man, one improve you could do in the wallpaper. if the f-16 nose was higher than the horizon line (imo) would look better.
or even in the same line as the horizon.
imo with this the pic could be more balanced ykwim?

But, Still an insane shot

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Yeah, trying to take something like this during a dogfight is not the best idea lol

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