F-16 Viper Demo Team “VENOM” 2020 Livery

This unique livery was just announced today by the commander and pilot of the F-16 Viper Demonstration Team, Major Garret “Toro” Schmitz. This awesome new livery features the Viper Demo Team emblem and tail flash, along with a snake on top of the aircraft and the underbelly pattern of a snake on the bottom.

This livery would be an amazing addition to a future F-16 Rework! SEND IT!!

This livery must have No armament or weapons on board, must be a clean livery.


Check out the Viperdemoteam’s announcement video about it: Here
Image credit: @ToroSchmitz16


Best livery for the Viper ever !!!

    🤘 😎 🤘

Best Viper livery yet!


The rework’s got 67 votes already, and believe me. I would love to send it with these colors! #DontBringItWeak 🤙🏻


Hot! 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

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With the F-16 rework thread being bumped, I think this one should get bumped too.

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Got to see this happen

Still have hope

F16 Rework + this will be super dope! And make sure they don’t forget Thunderbirds too;)

Agreed. Keep hope alive

I wonder what is brewing up at Infinite Flight HQ?

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I sure hope the viper received some attention

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Maybe the f-16 got some touch up on it’s graphics like other aircraft did??

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I am praying so, can you imagine if it did. Holy cow I’d die happy.

What a nice day to be a F16 haha