F-16 tips…

Hello fellow pilots…

So recently I’ve been learning the F-16. She’s a beauty to fly. So far these are the things that I’ve accomplished

  • Successful takeoff
  • Maintain Speed
  • Maintain Heading
  • Maintain altitude without jolting

However I’m struggling to land this beauty. For landing, I do the run and break technique. What speed do I land and what altitude do I flare?

Many thanks

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Hello! I’d highly recommend taking a look at this post to help in your current situation.

Pro-tip, don’t forget about your speed at takeoff as I just found out the hard way

Some basics:

  • 60% throttle is enough for takoffroll
  • Vr is about 160KIAS
  • NO flaps for landing (flaps are useless at all)
  • landing speed is around 140KIAS
    in addition, Energie (aka Speed) could be decrease by hard turning and pulling.
    Gear max speed is 210KIAS, do retract it asap after airborne

If you want to learn more about this sportscar you might want to applie for Global Air Force VA:



Tyler is a beast flying the F16 you should ask him hahs

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@Skyler.Cooper You have to go threw me first. I think it is time for you to relinquish that belt. Haha jk jk @LordZakCreaser If you ever want any help I’d love to assist. 🙏🏾
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