F-16 Stratosphere Training Mission @ KPMD - 232000ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Southern California

Airport: KPMD

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Hop on in the fighting falcon for a training mission, we will spawn in at palmdale, 2 fighters can take off of one runway at once as long as they are seperated by the runway centerline, Anyway once airborne go full throttle for an unristricted climb, once you are climbing, climb and maintain FL500, once we all get there we will fly a formation of a delta, we will do brake off’s and barrell roll’s so please make sure you know what you’re doing, we will make a group chat to coordinate this, once we have done all of that and tooken screenshots we will fully nose dive into the palmdale mountains and do some low mountain flying training, then we land at KPMD. Please comment below if you can come.


I shall be flying with you, is it possible I can go in an F-14?

sure even though it is an F-16

So Cani go on an F-14?

I m on my way .can i fly with f18

FL500 is hard to reach in both F-14 and F-16 after trying… Gravity is actually a thing in IF and it works at F450+ XD

Notam says F-16 Only, if you dont use the F-16 you cannot come, and full throttle unrestricted climb can get you to FL500 In seconds, try it out.

Sign me up! Will prob forget tho

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Sign me up. I might not be able to make it

Alright I am coming with my f-16c I am an ace pilot

You’re saying FL500; which is 50,000 feet. I just want to clarify that this is that correct altitude because it does not take “seconds” to reach that altitude in the F-16C and it is very difficult to maintain airspeed while maneuvering up there.
Taking of from KPMD RWY 22 and staying on full throttle, I reach FL500 near the Van Nuys VOR. Once at that altitude, I had to maintain a 2-3 degree AOA to maintain level flight and my airspeed did not get above 250 KIAS until I crossed the coastline.
Please consider lowering the cruising altitude.
Thank you.

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How did the space flight go?

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Im there are you h oing to come hurry i are nobody.

You missed it my dude

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