F-16 Speed Violation/Ghosting v2

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Thank you all for replies. Again, I want to be respectful of the rules. I’m not a pilot yet a lowly RN that has policies and procedures to follow in my everyday work. I digress… my thought is that if this is a rule or “policy” then we at least be warned or notified as we are with the other aircraft. To be ghosted for an unknown reason is upsetting for those of us that “pay to play” and absolutely appreciate and love the game.

I will wait my seven days, respectfully… yet feel as though this should be addressed and communicated to the community.

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What is the “speed limit” on the expert server with these types of aircraft? I was ghosted today, however, with no warning. Going from a level 4 to a level 2 is upsetting. I want to follow the rules and welcome your feedback.




Take a look at this topic. Fighters are not allowed to exceed 550kts GS while below FL400.


I honestly feel that the 550kts GS while below FL400 rule is a little over the top, seems a little unfair to enforce something that isn’t very well sign posted, especially if you are not a member here or on any other community page.

Hopefully it will be removed for global as the nimrods will simply run out of fuel really quick.

Most of it has to do with common sense. Since pilots are flying on the Expert Server, they should know how fast they should be going in their aircraft, which makes it easier for the ATC to control.


Sure, Im not going to approach an airfield at 1200 kts across the ground, but there is a case to be made, what if I want to simulate a supersonic scramble/intercept?

By the time I climb to FL400 the target will be gone, If its going to stay as a half done rule that is enforced the way it is now they might swell make it a violation.

That’s what the Casual Server is for.

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To bad of I want to be able to complete my mission without being hit by an incoming 747 on landing :/ All im really saying is it should either be an enforced system vio or not exist at all.

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And thats the issue, lets say I wasnt a member here, and want to fly a supersonic intercept, I just get ghosted with no idea what I have done wrong.

Isn’t it an enforced system already? I mean, us controllers already enforce this rule on the Expert Server…

The speed limit is 550 GS or lower below FL400. You are subject to ghosting if you are over.

As mentioned in the topic Bobby linked, this is only a temporary solution and a more robust, permanent solution will be implemented soon.