F-16 Speed brakes not deploying

I primarily fly the F-16. With the latest IF update, when I deployed my speed brakes, the speed brakes didn’t deploy after touchdown and barely deployed while in flight. Would love to see the speed brakes deploy in various positions, regardless of flight status or taxing. While fixing the speed brake issue, can anyone fix the HUD so that cockpit visuals are much clearer when looking forward?

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The F16 isnt planned for a rework at any point that im aware of so youll have to wait on the rework like everyone else.

Hello! It seems like there’s been some error here as the fighter jets should not have the auto brake functionality. We’ll look into it!

Regarding the improved cockpit, it’s not an easy thing but will be handled when the model is reworked.

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Yeah, I got that about the HUD issue; a wishful thought…similar to the same thoughts as other F-16 drivers. I figured that, at some point in the near or far future, the F-16 would get some major upgrades, since it was last updated in September 2012. But hey, if it’s not on the rework schedule, it’s not on the schedule. No worries. Just sayin’ :-)

Thank you for the reply and clarification. I figured there was a glitch. No worries. I know you and the team have everything under control. :-)

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