F-16 Rework

I think the f-16 could use a real rework.


It’ll probably happen as FDS said they’d eventually rework each aircraft, but FDS is solely focusing on Global until its launch! I can’t wait until global is out and they can focus on more planes!


Unfortunately, Global is the only thing they’re working on. I’d rather have some reworks or a new plane than global


I don’t think it is unfortunate… Once the global map is made they will never have to add new maps and will be able to focus on upgrades, reworks, and new features. Not to mention new planes!


I’d rather get the reworks and planes first, then global


I’d rather have global then the planes, the maps are very small right now… Just my opinion though.


Who want’s to fly for 12 hours? I can’t muster more than 1 on a good day.


Lol I do, well more like 10 but still, back on topic now

I do hope the F16 gets a rework

Global is for winners, Reworks are for whiners.


Lol while this is off topic I agree 😂

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This whole topic is off topic. How many times can you say topic in a sentence?


@Damian it’s funny that you say FDS are too busy for this, yet you make stupid livery requests for a plane that has not even been released yet.

I prefer the other F jets, but would definitely enjoy this.

See LOT is leasing 6 737 MAX 8 from ALC


Where’s the livery request? I just said that I’d like to put one out when LOT unveils the livery. It’s a statement, not a request. Use some logic before you make baseless accusations about “stupid livery requests that haven’t been released yet.” In fact in the original post I mentioned that I’d wait until it comes out.

Also by making a livery request, that doesn’t mean the feature should take priority over another. It’s been stated many times that global is the only priority right now. Our suggestions mean nothing, devs decide what they want to do on their own, but I’m sure the feature requests sway which direction they head in.

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I really wish the A-10 wasn’t the only fighter with Autopilot 😭


You clearly said in that thread ‘I’m gonna drop a livery request for this once we get a full view of this’. Clearly according to your strategy, the devs don’t have time for this, so what’s the point in making feature requests? The 737 MAX has not even been mentioned by the devs yet, and it may we be some years before they want to think about it, so they can get a variety of liveries.

Maybe requests would mean more if people didn’t spam liveries that will very likely make it anyway, let me ask you, you would want to so this request for that fact that you could say ‘I requested this, now it’s in the sim’? It looks that way. Your logic does not add up.

Anyway this is off topic. Please PM me if you want to continue more.

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I PM’d you, I’m just just adding this as a subnote (I bolded my points in the quotes so you can see what you changed).

I did not say:

I did say: [quote=“Damian, post:14, topic:73316”]
I’m dropping a livery request once we can get an official view of it from LOT :)

You’re conveniently leaving out all the information so that I look bad. This is far off topic, I have PM’d you, but if you call me out, at least have some merit to your claims. Clearly you have to go about changing quotes for evidence to support your claim.

I’m sorry @eli_Mumm; this took away from your feature. Not slamming the idea by no means, just wanted to say that Global was on FDS priority list. I hope this aircraft and every aircraft eventually get re-done.

Also, one supportive idea to add on to this request is that maybe they can give us the option, much like in the F14 to choose no armament/ tanks/ none. That would be pretty neat!

I don’t think we’d get any reworked fighter aircrafts any where soon. The focus is on Global Flight, and after that I think they will start reworking some of the older Passenger Jets, such as the A330/340/380, 767/757 and 737. Maybe some time in the future. :)


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