F-16 Pattern Work Video. KPSP

Just got through doing homework and decided to bring out the F-16 again. It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded so I decided to record me doing some pattern work. Slowly, but surely trying to make it back to Grade 5 again. Ignore my crazy rudder movements on takeoff and rollout lol. Still getting back used to crosswinds in the F-16. Hope you guys enjoy.


What Siri voice you got there? 😂👌
Nice video! Now go and finish your homework!


Lol Homeworks done. I’m actually on the Galaxy S8. It’s the British Male Enhanced Voice. I like to experiment with a lot of them.

Nice video. Anyone know how to change the ATC voice on an iPhone?

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Go to setting>general>accessibilty>speech>voices (or something like that)> then go to the english section, then scroll to american, under american choose an american voice. Reset infinite flight and you’re good to go


YouTube videos are better suited here ;)

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