F-16 Missile flange

Good Morning to all, not sure if this is the correct place for this. If not please guide me to the correct place.
So I fly the F-16 religiously and found a little discrepancy. The missile flange on the right side is transparent as opposed to the other side black and not transparent.


It’s a old aircraft, nothing to do about it


Thanks for keeping the holy skies safe :)


Anytime got to protect you guys from trolls 😉

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I didn’t know the Vatican had an air force.


In God we trust 🙏🏾😂Angels in the sky circa 1983

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I’m the same but with the F/A-18. @Nate_Schneller @DeltaMD88Fan and like basically the entirety of GAF have formed a cult out of the F-22.


never thought i’d see this sentence before

Anyway, your best hope to get this and another issues on the 16 fixed is to hope for a rework

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Glad I could be the first. F-16 and C-17 are my favorite planes. I blame it on being a ex military brat. The rework will come in due time, no worries. Glass Half full

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I wouldn’t say Cult but maybe a healthy conversation amongst like minded people.

Oh no, it’s a cult. Trust me. It’s all they ever fly.

Sometimes you can’t put a name on fun. Filing out my GAF application a year ago was the best choice I could’ve made for my infinite flight experience. Still just as happ😀 Being able to engage with so many like minded people from around the world is priceless.

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