F-16 Fighting Falcon Rework


Well I can tell you my last ride was over in Korea along the DMZ. We did an unrestricted climb and hit FL130 in around what seemed like lilteraly 10 seconds, we did some medium to high G passes and strafes then push up towrd the DMZ. We flew back along the western coast and I could literally see the Chinese coast on the horizon. One thing thats awesome was it only took 15 mins for our flight to reach the DMZ. Thats a heck of a response time.


Nice request!!I think after the A-10 rework, a F-16 rework would be amazing to see.

As you can see in my profile picture, Greece has an amazing F16 livery. I am very glad you add it too!! Hope we see the F16 rework and liveries in the future!!


This has my vote:)))


I agree that the F-16 should be reworked. In the the cockpit, the throttle doesn’t move at all. Only the stick moves. That’s kinda odd


Imagine the F16 Rework does get custom sounds just like the upcoming TBM. Maybe even a supersonic boom would be very cool.
I mean just listen to it!


Those banks are like NAV mode lol. Also that is the jet in @Thomas_G profile picture!Sorry, it’s a bit off topic


Needs to be where you dont go fast and start Tokyo drifting


Yes I know. If I am correct it’s an F-16E flown by a Greece airforce demo team.

It’s also listed in the original post under possible Liveries -> Greece.


This is a great documentary to watch for more about the F-16!


What a shame!


splash one! what sucks is that they have to put a F16 decal on that f16



Having the F16 Viper Demo Team livery would be amazing. As I am the chief viper demo team pilot and commander for Global Air Forces, it is a livery that is necessary with a rework.

Link to image


It’s my dream to fly one of these! Yes please!


This was put together amazingly, you’ve got my vote on this one!


This is a very interesting article. Hope you do learn something new just like I did! 😊