F-16 Fighting Falcon Rework


@Capt_D_Brown Is it this one?


Can’t beat a 90 degree climb!


Srry haven‘t read your post properly! My fault!😅


Possible, one of the many fighter jets I had fun working with!


Yes Sir, that is the one!! Classic.

I always loved that movie growing up. It wasn’t perfect and the story was ok, but it has my earliest memory of watching a F-16 in action. so cool! They also had some great Cessna 150M aerobatics and the feared Kfir as the enemy bandits.


Well I haven’t seen it but as it does seem I do have to add it to my list! 😄

Furthermore I can’t for TopGun 2 wich does get released next year. They kinda confirmed the F18 as their choice but I am curious who/what they will choose as the antagonist!😋



I’m guessing they’re remaking the movie!!!


I don’t think it will be a remake. Either a sequel or prequel (but I don’t think Val Kilmer could pull off the latter. LOL. time has not been kind to that man. Ice Man forever!). A sequel about Maverick’s time as an instructor at Top Gun could be interesting. Then some kind of military conflict occurs where he is pulled back into active duty with his last batch of Top Gun trainees. I’m going to see it regardless, but a good story would be preferable.


I think that’s exactly what the rumors are about wich I had heard as well.
Maverick as an instructor …
By the way Iceman was confirmed to be back!


And here is a nice story about a dispute between the airforce and navy!😂

But we should get back on topic. Sorry for leading this in the wrong direction for this thread! 😅


Haha, I agree!

Wonder if it’s a sequel, they will film it at NAS Fallon? Or stick at Miramar? 🤔


Doesn’t matter what Country you are in, each of the services will stir trouble with another one!


Yeah that’s probably true!😂😂

For all of you who do wanna have a close look at the Thunderbird F16, the hill aerospace museum got one for display just recently!


Bring on the Thunderbirds! for sure.


This livery is definitely very far up on my wishlist!
I do still remember one of my favorite toy-planes as a kind in the Thunderbird livery! Even though it was actually a F15 wich never got used by them 😂.



Do you guys feel that the current model in the sim does not react as fast as it should? I mean when you throw the nose up, I feel like it should really move, but it seems kinda deboosted so to say. Anyone else feel this way?


Let’s put it another way… if the Thunderbirds irl aircraft had the physics of the model in this sim…they would have been grounded from all their air shows !!!


Yes that is very very true


From having multiple incentive flights with this bird. Yes the calibration and physics/dynamics are pretty far off the mark. But its hard to get actual diagnostics and physics due to U.S. classification codes. Sure we sell variants of the 16 but we do not allow the buyers to see everything it can do. Even our allies do not have access to the entirety of U.S. capabilities due to National Security interests. So to be honest it may be difficult to replicate the actual flight physics, depending on declassifications issued for them.


The aerodynamics and other flight physics only have to be compatible with the IF sim…since we have no armaments do to deep DOD budget cuts … the classified weapons systems are not really a factor !!!


Well said.

That is awesome that you’ve been able to take a few incentive flights. I bet it was the experience of a lifetime. Were there any interesting flight characteristics that you learned about on you incentive flights? I live on the west side of KBKF just beyond the fence, so I’m happy I get to seem them fly almost every day.