F-16 Fighting Falcon Rework

Yeah that is dope. Never seen that a day in my life.

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Awesome post, you definitely have my vote! We need more military aircraft in IF. Thanks for this! :)


look at this light camouflage!

The South Korean Air Force has 164 F-16s (118 of them are C modifications and 48 are D modifications)

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Never seen that light camo either haha, I like it low key. Adds a little mystery to it @FedorM

Pretty livery, and I’m sure our Turkish Viper drivers will love it.

Can’t believe you didn’t like the art in the livery-nod to our WWII British allies, with the Spit on the tail and DDay stripes…not enough “0”s in it for you? lol

@Kosmo Yeah man that is one of the ugliest liveries I have seen for the F16…. Just not pleasing on the eyes but that is just the artist in me. Less is more sometimes

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The F-16 nickname Viper became popular in the AF community early in the A/C’s life because of a contemporary tv show, Battlestar Galactica, and some similarities between the sci-fi show’s starfighters (also called Vipers) and the F-16. Personally, I always thought it looked a little “snakey” from the canopy forward, but that’s subjective.


I’ll agree: the picture looks a little 3rd grade-ish, and the frame deserves better, but I guess I liked the idea. I DEFINITELY dig the dday stripes.

@Kosmo I’m stuck on Duluth, Toledo, AC. My list has changed since a year ago slightly 😂😂😂😂

Duluth, Toledo? I’m afraid I’m not following. Sort me out, amigo. That a new livery I haven’t put my eyes to yet?

Yeah, love me some formation flying! I’d form up with a Ford Pinto if I ever found one at altitude!


Special place in my ❤️ for PACAF Viper drivers!

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