F-16 Fighting Falcon Rework

I will be happy to see the General Dynamics F-16C and F-16I rework



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Hope they will still retain the Swamp Fox livery currently in the game if it got reworked.

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Re-work needed, lots of liveries for a multi national fighter !

Including these awesome jets !



I think this is truly needed along with the other fighter jets. They are overlooked greatly and should deserve some attention and love. Just as commercial planes do in IF.

Cleared a vote for this one. All the older fighter jets need a rework, especially the F/A-18, but the F-16 is definitely my favourite out of all of them! Hope this feature gets more attention!

Once the 777s are finished, it would be nice to go back to military aircraft after updates focused on Civilian/GA planes. I made a livery request for the F-16 and it would be nice to see if the F-16 does get worked on. Voted ✅

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I would love to see those Thunderbirds come to Infinite Flight when the F-16 gets reworked

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Great aircraft

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I think they are the best too!! I know I would also love to request the black knights in-game because It will lift the game higher


Operators / Possible Liveries

USAF Thunderbirds
US Navy
RSAF Black Knights
South Korea
United Arab Emirates

Features that should be added

new textures
new 3D model
new physics
wing flex
opening/closing aerial refueling port
functioning HUD
deployable hook
visible afterburner & active engine nozzle


F-16 C/D Flight Manual T.O. GR1F 16CJ 34 1 1.

Just gonna drop this here for any devs or bypassers looking to see the real workings for the F-16.

Easy to find and available online to the public.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done because it has been done.

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The US Airforce does publish several documents by itself, there is a dedicated server for this:

The T.O. Series is not included unfortunately, but other documents that are relevant for a aircraft.

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Epubs is my bread and butter lol. Excellent resource. You can get T.Os declassed but it takes some detective work on the searchers part. I’m not asking for perfect im simply looking for equal standard across the board.

I hope when this is eventually reworked we get the Minnesota Air National Guard livery for the 179th Fighter Squadron out of KDLH.

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I would love to see one special livery for sure the 8th OG Wolfpack livery Kunsan AB or at least the JUVATs 80th FS Kunsan AB livery.

I think l heard of some AF guy named @Asneed8706 a while back…anyway…
FYI… The Thunderbirds were the headliners again last weekend at the O.C. Air Show less than fifty miles from me after being rescheduled from mid June due to the Covid crisis…also it was one of the few times l heard from the announcer that there were also the A-10 Thunderbolt Warthog, the F-35 Lightening, and the F-22 Raptor Demo teams all in the same show…along with several civilian stunt pilots and some mil flybys …last Sunday’s show was rained out but the Saturday show was streamed live for the first time on the net for those who did not attend due to Covid considerations… a very memorable fifteenth anniv super show l’m sure for those who did attend and could only watch it virtually as well !

Here is the link of the summary for those who are interested !

Here are some livery ideas for the F 16

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I just looked this topic up because I personally LOVE to fly the F-16. however I do think it needs a Hard rework for sure.


Do it. Do it now… DEWIT.