F-16 Escort, looking for aircraft

Hello fellow pilots! Today, I’d like to partake in a quick flight with a total of 3 aircraft. We will be doing a flight from Edwards AFB to Nellis AFB. The event will consist of a c130J-30 and two F-16s. Takeoff will be at 0240Z. Gates to be reserved are below.

Server: Training

Region: California Area

Airport: KEDW-KLSV

Time: 0240Z

NOTAM: 10 minutes

Flight Time: 50-ish minutes


A-2 (F-16): @KindaAngrySliceOfPie
C-2 (C-130): @Chris_Hoover
B-2 (F-16): @Balloonchaser

I will create a PM with the pilots for instructions

I’ll will be the C130- but I will only fly for 30 minutes

I may veer off to another airport that’s a little closer

Okay! Which airport will we divert to? Or will you not land?

Ill come in a F-16. Now if you want perfect formation… Then you have something else coming :P

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Let me look for an airport to divert to

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Okay! Writing you in now…

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