F-16 "Drift Car" Bug

While taxing the f-16, I made a turn, then started to drift, then spun out. The turn was made at 9 knots gs, and shouldn’t result in a plane spinning out. You can test this out in the f-16 and tell me if its a bug or user error. (I don’t have trouble taxiing any plane other than the f-16.)

Overall: The f-16 seems to be impossible to flip as it has minimal traction on the ground, resulting in unrealistic taxiing and the ability to drift and do donuts in it.


Any wind??

No wind, i’ll post a video soon.

Hmm okay. Never happened to me. Try restarting your game or device?

Not that either, I have had this issues for many months… and have restarted.

I’ve noticed this in the past few days, it just seems like you have to taxi very carefully in the F16.

Yes but a heavy plane shouldn’t drift at all. I’m doing donuts in it right now!

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Just be gentler with the steering inputs, you shouldn’t encounter any problems if you dial in steering gradually.

Remember that it has a narrow landing gear, so its stability might not be the best.

The issue is that it is too stable.

Same happens to me, no wind, just rudder :/


It’s a drift car, pull rudder hard one way and then the other and boom, instant drift

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the f-22 Likes to drift too.

Oh yea, that thing does donuts

Tokyo drift that baby

Drag the rudder to one side all the way, set 100% throttle, then you get infinite donuts.

Tokyo drifting to the max!

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F-16 is meant for you to drift… I mean, it’s only the F-16… I told my people to taxi slowly but well a lot of my people go full throttle and then idle + brake but still they spin out anyway lol these people are stubborn

I du it on parpurse (I do it on purpose)

That happend also to me, always if I turn.

iPad 4 newest version IF