F-16 cruising speed

So whenever I try to go 800ktn (airspeed) at FL300 and below and enable the autopilot it just starts bumbling the nose up and down more and more to correct itself over and over until it slows the aircraft down to 600ktn or lower. Sometimes it’s a direct way into a stall. What can I do but lower my airspeed to prevent this? Go higher?

The way that works for me is not by engaging that altitude until you slowly come up to it.

  • Climb
  • Lower VS (from whatever)
  • Lower VS more (about 1000fpm)
  • Final VS about 400fpm
  • Engage altitude

I got straightline speed at M 3.30 with almost no turbulence doing this.

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That’s false. I’ve gotten M 2.8 just feet above the ground. @EverettM knows ;)

I will have to try this out! I can never get it to go straight.

Fighter jets don’t have speed restrictions so they can go however fast they want below 10,000 feet. Unless you are in or around and IFATC controlled airspace.

Hey, it’s already awsered but - - I read F-16 Crushing Speed lol

Have a good day. :)

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