F-16 Block Variants

Good afternoon, since many users here request the latest and greatest commercial airliners, I figured I’d be a voice for the Military aviation comnunity. The feature request I am making is for F-16 Block Varrients such as the F-16 Block 50, 60 and the best block to be sold to the Indian Air Forces the Block 70. I think this could be strictly cosmetic as far as design model goes, due to the fact that physics remain generally the Same except for speed increase. The most major changes in the FA16 Block design comes in their aivionics and targeting aquasistion platforms. This could save time on production output in theory not a fact. Anyway, enjoy the eye candy below of the Block Varrients. Cheers!

FA16I Block 60 “Desert Falcon” UAE Air Force. Credit F16.net

1 picture per request please!

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Credited and edited. Cheers!

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Thank you!!! Finally someone thought of this. Great request.