F-16, 22 and 14

Hi all,
I was having a bit of problem on controlling the speed for F-16 today. Cannot remember which airport, but as I used to fly f22 more often, I deployed flaps at 20 with spoilers ARMED. I tried landing for three times before an accidental crash but each time the speed kinda got stuck around 240 knots and it was kinda hard to maintain on the slope.

To land the F-16 properly you must be at an high altitude and loose speed to 150kts for the approach, when it comes to the touchdown the speed must be from 125kts to 135kts, flaps 20 and spoilers to flight. Mantain the pitch of the aircraft high when slowing down on the runway and don’t use parking brakes until all the gears touch the ground, hope it helps.


After much time overcoming frustration with the f16 and f22 (f14 seemed more forgiving?), what worked for me was spending a lot of air time in the airport vicinity practicing low speed manoeuvres (approaches included) and flap transition speeds. The idea became to internalize what you can and can’t do at different airspeeds while managing to maintain a speed low enough to nail the landing. Maybe give yourself a test pilot directive: what airspeed am I going to target for each flap setting, and how does that work out for feel of the aircraft. Then change the numbers until you are happy that you are approaching full command of the flight situation.

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