F-15 flyover California

Thank you to the USAF F-15 C Fighter jets for your flyover over many hospitals in California to honor health care workers! We appreciate it!


Cool pictures :)

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Wow that’s cool! What part of California are they flying in?

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Thanks. I took this over San Jose, California but I heard they were also going to Southern California as well.

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Here is a full map!

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I was looking for them as I live in SoCal and couldn’t find them or just missed them. :(

The Thunderbirds just did their flyover here in San Antonio a couple hours ago. They were too fast for me to take a picture of though :)

This is awesome! The Thunderbirds are about to fly over my house in Austin as I’m typing this!

When was this? I live at NorCal, dont recall seeing any fighter jets over my house

Dang! I missed it

awesome pics, here in canada we got snowbirds doing flyovers. id much rather f-15’s

They did the same in Ohio, they actually flew right over my house!


Great photos, it’s nice to still see the F15s flying around; they’re one heck of a machine.

I have over 600 hours in the real thing. It was by far the most amazing aircraft I’ve ever flown or ever will fly. We flew the F-15As and Bs. Salute to my brothers and sisters flying for the Fresno guard.


I saw them fly over my house in Hollywood today. It was amazing!

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