F-15 Eagle

The fantastic F-15 would be a wonderful edition to the game!



To many problems with the plane

Yes, but it will still me a great addition.

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I live by the Mach Loop, It’s a low level flying area. I have seen an F-15 blast over a few times… We even get the Aussie Air Force.


This junker has been in the inventory since 1976. It’s been outclassed. The Russians and Chinees inventory of interceptors and multi-role fighter aircraft leads US development and production with at minimum 5 year lead. We keep punching out overly sofisticated platforms that are maintenance nightmares.
The time for the pilotless cheap interceptor is at hand. Let the Defence Industry eat cake on that multi-million dollar boondoggle. The F-22 is a prime example. Max Sends

Why steals US designs. Nefarious people from industry sell them under the table or there hacked. The Art of Human Inelligence Collection is a fiction.
Since the currant administration and the third column orchestrated NSA multiple compromises plus open boarders, open sky’s and open ocean treaties we are defenseless. There are very few honest bones left in our carcass, just look back at your last 1030. Max Sends


In 2003, the RNZAF denied getting 15 F-15 Eagles not because they were not efficient enough, it was because they are too noisy to operate out of Ohakea AFB (OHA)!!

Still an effective fighter nonetheless! I say add it!


How effective it is in the modern world is irrelevant- let alone how noisy. It was a good design and would be a ton of fun to fly. Even the woeful TF-30 engines could get a chance to finally shine. Would be a fine addition - in good time, after some other features get looked at.

This needs to be added.

We know, the devs know. That’s why you requested it.

Stop bumping them up.

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Air superiority at its finest! It would be awesome to have the F15 in Infinite Flight. By far the most successful fighter, with quite a few variants. Its like the 737 of fighters.


It’s a interesting fighter jet tho looks the same as the other ones

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It has outlived the other fighters in the game currently in real life

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I bumped it because I saw another topic for it…

I certainly want this added!

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9month later, but still a great fighter


Agreed, the E model “strike eagle” would be awesome

There aren’t enough fighters in IF. Add whatever it is I’ll take it. Even the Russian fighters screw it.