F-15 Eagle request

Howd’y Everybody!! I hope this message finds you well and with the rubber side down.
I have a question concerning an AC we don’t have on IF. Nor am I sure how to go about with such a request. That being, is there anyway we/y’all could look into including the F-15 Strike Eagle into the military line up of our current line up. Personally, I think given the reputation the F-15 has. It would be an outstanding addition.
I would like to take this time to thank all the staff at FDS/IF for all of your hard work and dedication. Thank You and everyone be safe out there and may the wind always be at your 6.

                                                                 Gen Grohn (S-A-A-R) 3rd Air Force IFAE-GAF

Hey man!!
Love this but you need to be a TL2 and then post this in the #features section. Love to see this!
Btw: here’s a request! =)