F-14 vs F-22 vs F-16

Which should I get?

  • F-14
  • F-16
  • F-22

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Hmm…tough choice! I would go for the F16 or F22!

If you want something stable, get the F-14.


It’s settled: F-16

Finally a topic I know a little more about…in terms of stability…thus is how l would rank them…from worst to best…the F16 handles fairly well in flight ops…but landing it is like ice skating on the runway…kill the throttle and pull up the nose fast so you touchdown below 125 knots…the F18 is also pretty stable but slow on takeoff acceleration…The F22 comes in as second best…once you learn the trick for an even touchdown…kill the throttle 30 to 50 ft from touchdown and glide it in keeping the nose pitch up until your nose gear touches and land below 100 kts…with practice you will learn just the right time to coordinate and have a balanced touchdown…also you only need to get to about 50% thrust on takeoff because it climbs like a rocket…at the top by far IMHO…is the F14 …total stability on takeoff with 90% thrust as well as rarely a difficult landing after minimum practice…even in 20 kts. crosswinds…too bad there is no carrier offshore in the SoCal or Hawaii regions to practice approach and landings with…that would be a blast !!!


If you’re flying the f-22 or f-16, you have to keep the nose up or you will crash.


Not sure if this counts as a duplicate topic.

Glad you chose the F-16 it’s my favourite fighter :)

F-16 is my favourite fighter jet

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